Green Thumb Farms launches Farmer’s First, a new program to introduce unique spuds to the market

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Green Thumb Farms launches Farmer’s First, a new program to introduce unique spuds to the market

(Fryeburg, Maine) – November 15, 2019 Green Thumb Farms launched a new program this fall to discover and develop new potato varieties. The goal of “Farmer’s First” is two-fold: to give retailers a way to offer something new and to give consumers new products that work well in their kitchens. Every year, Green Thumb will partner with a retailer to identify a potato variety they think their customers will love. Then Green Thumb will grow the variety in the farm’s exceptional soil, nutrients for plants and microclimate to ensure that they can...

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Green Thumb Farms Launches Cold River Gold, a Potato Variety that Chefs Dig

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FRYEBURG, MAINE –  NOVEMBER 15, 2018 This holiday season, home cooks will be able to purchase the premium potato that professional chefs in Maine have loved for years. Cold River Gold is now available to consumers at select retailers in New England. Distinctive new packaging made of craft paper – and visual art work that celebrates the Cold River and its unique growing region – makes the new brand easy to find. “Our restaurant partners have told us again and again how delicious this potato is, whether mashed, fried, boiled, or baked,”...

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SIDE DELIGHTS® RESPONDING TO CONSUMER DEMAND FOR POTATOES IN TOP BRUNCH TRENDS  Side Delights® provides consumers with a variety of potatoes and recipes for creative brunch menu items in line with 2018 trends San Francisco, CA  (March 7, 2018) – Side Delights® announces potatoes as a favorite in the growing brunch trend as consumers continue to embrace brunch beyond the weekend. Brunch is a top food trend again in 2018 for restaurant goers and home cooks, with the four top breakfast components being eggs, potatoes, bacon and bread.1 How do...

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Side Delights Goes for the Gold

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SIDE DELIGHTS® GOES FOR THE GOLD  AS POTATOES GAIN CREDIBILITY FOR PERFORMANCE  WITH OLYMPIANS AND TOP ATHLETES  Side Delights® supports San Francisco, CA  (February 20, 2018) – Side Delights® announces additional support for potatoes ability to impact athletic performance. Potatoes as a performance food are gaining notoriety during the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, with the newly released Olympian Menu and announcement that performance nutrition is now a critical part of athletes’ strategy to win. The PyeongChang 2018 athlete’s...

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Food Blogger Challenge!

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SIDE DELIGHTS® ANNOUNCES NEWEST FOOD BLOGGER CHALLENGE ON TOP 2017 TREND Blogger Challenge Focuses on Creative Power Bowl Recipes Starring Side Delights® Steamables™ Potatoes San Francisco, CA – Side Delights®, the creator of America’s #1 selling line of microwaveable potato bags, Side Delights® Steamables™, announced its latest challenge in its popular blogger influencer marketing program to create recipes for “Potato Power Bowls” featuring Side Delights® Steamables™ potatoes. Past challenges included the...

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Cowboy Stew

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I love receiving feedback from customers, even more so when it’s a handwritten letter.  Our bean customers seem to be among the best at taking the time to send us feedback.  Whether it’s a letter to let us know how one of our employees helped them, or a letter to share a favorite recipe I appreciate all comments!  Please keep them coming! Recently I received this letter from a loyal bean customer.  She had called to order beans, and during the process mentioned her favorite recipe to one of our employees.  A few days later this...

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Side Delights® Set To Launch New Product

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Side Delights® To Launch Farmers Table® Organic Russet Single Wrapped, Microwaveable Potato At Organic Produce Summit  New organic convenience product addresses two growing segments, appealing to Millennials and organic shoppers   San Francisco, CA  (July 10, 2017) – Fresh Solutions Network announces that it will be launching our new Side Delights® Farmer’s Table® Organic Russet single wrapped, microwaveable potato – a line extension to the Farmer’s Table Organic potato line up.  The launch will take place at the Organic Produce Summit trade...

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Mexican Potato Salad

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Prep Time: 10 mins. – Cook Time: 8 mins. – Total Time: 18 mins. Ingredients: 1 lb. baby potatoes (Side Delights Golden Potatoes) 3 medium avocados, peeled and mashed 2 tablespoon lemon juice 1/4 cup vegan mayonnaise 1/2 cup vegan sour cream 1 package taco seasoning (or 2 Tbsp homemade) 1 can black beans, drained and rinsed 1/4-1/2  cup chopped tomatoes 2 tablespoons green onions, tops only 1 tablespoon fresh, cilantro leaves salt & pepper to taste 1/4 cup diced green chiles (optional) Instructions: Cook potatoes according to...

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Thank You!

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As you prepare to enjoy this 4th of July with your family and friends, we urge you to take a moment and show your gratitude for the men and women that have served and continue to serve our country. Remember the ones that aren’t able to be with their families today because they are fighting for our rights and freedom. Remember the families that are missing their loved one’s and those that are with their families and struggling to learn a new way of life after being injured during battle. Our thoughts will be with the families that are...

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Side Delights® Gets In the Game With New Athletic Promotional Program

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Side Delights® in-store Athletic Performance promotion launching nationally San Francisco, CA (April 19, 2017) – Fresh Solutions Network, LLC announces the Side Delights® Athletic Performance Promotion program targeting athletes and sports fans. The theme “Potatoes Fuel Performance” promotes potato’s taste, nutritional value and ability to positively impact athletic performance. The program provides shoppers with information on potato nutrition as well as pre- and post-workout recipes via QR code links to Performance Magazine on the Side...

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