Spring Has Sprung…

Spring has sprung the landscaping bug in these parts, we have been fielding calls all morning with inquiries for Turf!  Soon there will be green grass everywhere. 

Did you know the best times of year to install Turf are Spring and Fall?  The grass roots in a strip of sod follow the path of water into the soil.  This makes irrigation crucial when introducing  the roots to the new ground below.  During Spring and Fall water evaporates less quickly with cooler temperatures allowing the process to take place more efficiently.  Summer is not out of the question when considering a Turf installation however  the warmer temperatures go hand-in-hand with the need for irrigation.  

Never considered Turf?  Think again… Turf installations result in a nearly instant lawn.  The effort and cost of laying down those beautiful green strips pay off in the end.  Seed takes constant watering and a lot of  attention, not to mention covering the seed with hay and the inability to walk on seeded areas for months.  Turf is an instant fix as it is lush and green, can be walked on immediately (although it is best to stay off it  until the roots penetrate the ground, 7-10 days), helps  stop the dust and dirt from being tracked around and the end result is instantly beautiful to the eye. Consider installing Turf the next time you have a bare spot!

Here at Green Thumb Farms we cut our Turf to each individual order, no order is too small.  Save money with Farm Pickup, all orders picked up here are just $.25/Square Foot!  Call today for pricing on your project or e-mail turf@greenthumbfarms.com.

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