State of Maine Soldier Beans are Finally Ready!

Soldier Beans

We are happy to report that today we are packaging Soldier beans in our State of Maine 2 Lb. bags!   Green Thumb Farms really appreciates your patience and would like to let you all know that are now taking orders online.  For a quick access click on this link: 

Enjoy your Soldier Beans!


  1. Hi,
    My name is Donna and I am the chef at Big Island Camps,Coburn Gore Me.I am interested in your products as I would like to buy local as much as possible.I bake beans every Sat night and prefer soldier,jacob cattle,navy.Not so much smaller beans as pea.Please,at your convenience,get in touch,265-2719 or,have a great day!

  2. Thank you for your interested Donna. Tony will follow up with you shortly!

  3. Want to buy some maine beans

  4. You can find our beans in the store section of our website by clicking here., or they are sold in Hannaford and some Market Baskets.

  5. I have 3 bags and was wondering if they expire in humidite climate

  6. Hi Jayne,
    The beans are all dried down, so you should be all set. They have a minimum shelf life of 5 years.

  7. I’m looking to buy soldier beans to plant.

  8. Hi Carla,
    We do not sell bean seed. Customers have been known to plant our beans but we cannot guarantee a germination rate. We do not market our beans as being usable for seed. Thank you!

  9. Sounds good, actually right now I out of the town whenever will be there definetly buy it.

  10. Sounds good, actually right now I m out of the town whenever will be at home definetly buy it.

  11. I was wondering how much the 2 lb bags of soldier beans are and if you can buy them by the case.
    And shipping costs.

  12. Hi Jolene,

    You can find all of that information right on our website. Just go to:

    If you put your shipping information in you should be able to get a realtime shipping quote.

  13. I use to live in Maine and New Hampshire and always used State of Maine
    yellow eye or soldier beans for baking. Cannot find them down here in
    Fla. so just had my sister pick up 7-2lbs bags while back home visiting.
    They are so delicious and better if baked in an oven as opposed to crock
    pots. Wilma Hedberg, North Port, FL

  14. We want to compliment you on several scores: the beans are CLEANER, tHERE ARE FEWER PIECES OF DEBREE, BAGS ARE FULLER and a lot less picking over! Congratulations!

    Please send information on ordering quanity (for household!)

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  16. Where can I get your beans in Southern Massachusetts?

  17. Hannaford and Shaw’s Supermarkets both carry our beans.

  18. Hi there! I tried to follow the link for soldier beans to order. It said no page found. Could someone contact me and help me order?

  19. Comment trying to find soder beans for American Legion post. We do bean suppers once a month and can’t find soilder beans to restock.

  20. Hello Mr. Wright,
    We are completely out of Solider beans until we are able to harvest the current crop. Please check back in late October.

  21. Hello Alison,
    We currently do not have any beans for sale online as we are out of inventory. We will hopefully have everything back up in late October/early November once we have harvested and packaged our current crop. Please check back at that time.

  22. Hello Dawn,
    We are completely out of Soldier beans at this time. Please check back in late October/early November.

  23. What is the shelf life for soldier beans as I see no date on bags?

  24. They are a shelf stable product that will last for years! You just may need to soak them a little longer as they age more.

  25. We would like to order four of your 2 pound bags of soldier beans. Please advise how we go about ordering these.

    They would have to be shipped to Georgia

  26. Hi Joy!
    We are out of Solider Beans at the moment. We are hoping to have them back in stock in November. You may order them on our website when they do return by following this link.

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