"Farming on 2000 acres of rich Saco River Valley in Western Maine since 1965. "


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Cold River Gold

Our signature chef potatoes are now available for home cooks! Try Cold River Gold premium potatoes, and you’ll know why chefs ask for them by name. Learn more about your new favorite potato here.

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Red Kidney Beans

Very Rich in flavor, Red kidneys have a little tougher skin than most beans which is why they hold together so well when cooked. Excellent in soups, chili and casseroles. A tasty little garnish on any type of salad. An excellent source of iron and protein for your healthy diet.

Soldier Beans

Well known in early New England, this heirloom bean is great as a baking or soup bean. The name is from the markings near the eye that resembles an 18th Century European soldier. White with reddish brown markings around the hilum or eye.

Yellow Eye Beans

Maine Yellow Eye Beans (Phaseolus Vulgaris) are related to the kidney bean. Maine Yellow Eye Beans are primarily ivory colored with tiny mustard colored markings surrounding the ‘eye’ on the inner seam of the bean. Yellow Eyes are about 1/2 inch, oval shaped with a mild, almost sweet flavor and mealy texture. The Maine Yellow Eye bean had more of a white color than mustard color like the Stueben Yellow Eye beans. This bean is also referred to as a Dot-Eye Bean and Molasses-Face Bean.

Jacob’s Cattle Beans

This heirloom bean is originally form Germany and is also known as Trout or Dalmatian Bean. It is a sweet bean with maroon and white markings. Has it’s own distinctive flavor.


Maine chefs’ favorite potato is available for the first time at select local retailers!

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