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Corn and Beans

Green Thumb Farms is also able to supply your corn and dry bean needs. In 2007 we expanded our acreage to include Riverside Farm (Thurston Farm), conveniently located adjacent to Green Thumb Farms. Previously, Riverside had been farmed to produce crops of feed corn and dry beans.

After evaluating the best uses of the new acreage, Green Thumb Farms chose to stick with tradition and continue growing corn and beans in rotation with potatoes. We now raise four different varieties of dry beans including Yellow Eye, Red Kidney and Soldier beans. Beans are packaged in 50-pound bags or cases of 12/2-pound bags as well as individual 2-pound bags. Look for Green Thumb Farms’ “State of Maine” label at your local grocery store.

corn1resizeCorn is sold whole or cracked in 50-pound bags or bulk tote bags. Purchased primarily for use as animal feed, an increasingly popular use of whole corn is for home heating in corn stoves and furnaces. Much like pellet stoves, whole corn is added to a combustion chamber either by hand or with an auger attached to a storage bin. Many people find corn for heat to be less mess and less work than traditional wood heating.

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Bean Recipes

Instant Pot Heirloom Dried Beans
Instant Pot New England Baked Beans
Smoked Trout Bean Dip using leftover Jacob’s Cattle Beans
Bean Dip using leftover Instant Pot Soldier or Yellow Eye Beans