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Baked Potato Salad

Baked Potato Salad Found on the Wegman’s website: SERVES 12 -16   ACTIVE TIME: 30 min    CHILL TIME: 1 hour  0 min    TOTAL TIME: 1 hour  30 min  2   bags (24 oz each) Baby Red Potatoes, 1-inch dice 1   Tbsp Pure Olive Oil 1/2   tsp salt 1/4   tsp ground black pepper 8   slices Bacon 1   cup Classic Mayonnaise 1/2   cup Sour Cream 4   small green onions, trimmed, thinly sliced 1   Tbsp minced shallot 1   cup Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese 1   pkg (0.25 oz)...

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Irrigation is a must in this weather!

After taking a poll around the farm nobody can accurately remember whether 3 or 5 years have passed since the weather called for irrigation, but today we were forced to dig out the big guns!  Literally… Some of the potato plants had run out of energy so we are in the process of throwing them enough water so they will survive the hot spell we are experiencing.  President, Don Thibodeau tending to...

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Organics – 2009 and beyond!

Here at Green Thumb we are entering our second year of organic farming. For 2009 we have dedicated our entire Webster field to organic growing methods. Organic crops produced will include organic Dark Red Norland potatoes, organic Caribe potatoes, and Jacob’s Cattle dry beans. We will also be offering transitionally grown Yukon Gold potatoes. Transitional means that our Yukons will be grown with organic methods on ground that is not yet certified organic. As with all of our products, bulk quantities will be available at our farm office in Fryeburg, Maine. If you have any questions about our...

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