A Pound of Potatoes for Every Bottle of Vodka!


December 6, 2011

 Maine Distilleries, LLC, producer of Cold River Vodka,
Cold River Blueberry Flavored Vodka & Cold River Gin is proud to announce
that it will be donating one pound of potatoes for every bottle of Cold River
sold in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts during the first quarter of
2012 to prominent food banks in each state.

Maine Distilleries, LLC, of
Freeport, Maine, in coordination with family-owned Green Thumb Farms, Inc., of
Fryeburg, Maine, is excited to be partnering with The Good Shepherd Food Bank
in Auburn, Maine, The New Hampshire Food Bank in Manchester, New Hampshire, and
the Greater Boston Food Bank in Boston, Massachusetts in an effort to raise
awareness of hunger and food insecurity in New England. Sales of the three Cold
River products across the tri-state area are expected grow substantially during
the first quarter of 2012, and Maine Distilleries looks forward to making a
sizable donation of farm-fresh Maine potatoes at the time of the fall harvest
in Fryeburg next year.

Uniquely positioned in the
vodka and gin market as 100% gluten-free, farm-to-table and hand-crafted, Maine
Distilleries hopes to heighten consumer awareness of its award-winning
American-made spirits through this 2012 potato donation and its continued close
work with its brokers and distributors in its key New England markets.

Following the 2010 launch of
its newest product, Cold River Gin (awarded 90 points in the 2011 Ultimate
Spirits Challenge), the Cold River products have seen significant growth across
their major New England markets. The company’s flagship product, Cold River
Vodka, has seen tremendous critical praise since its 2005 launch. It was
awarded a double gold medal at the 2008 San Francisco World Spirits
Competition, garnered an auspicious 5-star rating (“Highest Recommendation”)
from renowned spirits guru F. Paul Pacult in 2008, was awarded a double gold
medal at the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America Convention in 2009, and
was named the best vodka in the world by Wine Enthusiast Magazine in
December of 2009. Most recently it was named one of the top 10 vodkas in the
world in the October 2012 edition of The Tasting Panel.

About Maine Distilleries, LLC

 (http://www.mainedistilleries.com/ , www.facebook.com/mainedistilleries):

Founded in 2005, Maine
Distilleries, located in Freeport, Maine, is the brainchild of four talented
Maine entrepreneurs: Donnie Thibodeau, who owns Green Thumb Farms in Fryeburg,
ME; his brother, Lee Thibodeau, a neurosurgeon in Portland, ME; Bob Harkins, a
former Sunday River ski executive from Paris, ME; and Chris Dowe, Head
Distiller, from New Gloucester, ME.

Known for their distinct nose
and satin-smooth finish, the company’s gluten-free vodkas and gin are
hand-crafted and batch-distilled in a copper pot still, using water from
Maine’s Cold River Aquifer and farm-fresh Maine potatoes. Maine Distilleries,
which produces only Cold River Vodka, Cold River Blueberry Vodka, and Cold
River Gin, is the only “ground-to-glass” distillery in the nation, where the
company controls every aspect of production from the planting of the potatoes
to final bottling. The company’s award-winning Classic Vodka, Blueberry Vodka,
and Traditional Gin currently are available at major markets, restaurants, and
fine spirits retailers in 26 states, the District of Columbia, western Canada
and London.

For further information on
Maine Distilleries, LLC, the Cold River products, or to schedule an interview
with Sales & Marketing Director Joseph Swanson, please call 207.671.7109 or
email joe@coldrivervodka.com.

To schedule a tour and
tasting at the Freeport distillery, please call 207.865.4828.

For more
information about Green Thumb Farms, Inc., of Fryeburg, Maine, please call
207.935.3341 or email info@greenthumbfarms.com.

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