Breaking New Ground….

We mean breaking new ground literally!  A new land purchase has allowed Green Thumb Farms to add more acreage to our crop land.  The previous owner farmed hay for his cattle herd, we are in the process of turning the green hay into the ground in preparation for corn planting.

This is done with a process called disking.  This is done with used tractor which tows an apparatus behind it that has several disks that will chop up the grass and turn it back down into the loose soil.  The disk will travel over the land several times to make the surface smooth enough to plant.  After disking if needed a light cultivation may help to fluff up the top soil.  The cultivator has several teeth that are towed behind a tractor to break up any remaining large chunks.  In these photos this tractor is towing the disk and you can see just how deep it reaches to help soften the top layer of soil in preparation for planting.

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