Irish Colcannon Potatoes

 Make these Irish colcannon potatoes loaded with cabbage, bacon, and the best butter and cream you can find for a delightful winter dish!


4 red potatoes*

2 cups tender savoy cabbage, shredded

2 strips of thick cut Irish or Canadian bacon

6 Tablespoons butter

⅓ cup half and half

Salt and pepper as needed



  1. Steam the potatoes till really tender. Rest the potatoes and in the same steamer, soften the cabbage a little.
  2. When the cabbage is in the steamer, Slice the bacon into half inch cubes and fry over medium heat till the fat is rendered and meat crisped.
  3. Add the half-cooked cabbage to the crisped bacon and sauté for a few minutes for cooking through and for flavor.
  4. Mash the potatoes with peel and with butter. Season with salt and pepper. Loosen with half and half. Fold in the bacon and cabbage mix
  5. Transfer to serving plate and sprinkle with chives (optional) on top before serving and a pat of butter!

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Calories 710; Fat 40g; Sodium 320mg; Cholesterol 110; Vitamin C 100%; Carbohydrates 78g; Fiber 10g; Protein 14g;

Potassium 2240mg; Sugar7g (Nutritionals are based on ½ recipe.)


Recipe By: Asha Yoganandan

One Comment

  1. I make mine in the oven. Haven”t used sauerkraut before, but I will this time. Line of the bottom of a 13 x 9 roasting pan or glass dish with a layer of sauce and kraut/cabbage mixture.. Place cabbage rolls, seam side down, on top of kraut. Top cabbage rolls with remaining sauce and more then cover the whole pan with a layer of cling wrap (yes it can be used in the oven) and then aluminum foil. Bake for 2- 3 hours in a preheated 350F oven. I was told by a Polish friend, that the layer of cabbage on the bottom of the pot was to prevent the cabbage rolls from scorching. This recipe simply sounds divine Tori. And what I like best to do is double or triple the ingredients and get all the work done at one time. Then the cabbage rolls can be baked or cooked on the stove or crockpot or all three and frozen for future dinners. And do they taste even better, if that is possible, reheated. My mouth is watering. custom writings

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