It is a GREAT day to be on the farm!

Not only is this day’s beauty one for the record books but we also decided to make it the start to our 2010 potato harvest!  Everyone was all smiles as we put the windrower and harvester to work.  This time of year we usually start by digging small sections for specific orders.  It allows us to work out the kinks in the equipment and break the warehouse packaging crew in slowly. 

Ahead of our harvester a windrower digs 4 rows of potatoes and deposits them among the 4 rows that the harvester is set up to dig.  This allows the harvester to pick up the a total 8 rows with each pass through the field.  This makes the whole process more efficient.  Each full truck heads straight the warehouse is weighed in and emptied into storage.   

Harvester in Action

Harvester picking up 4 rows plus the 4 from the windrower.


Depositing 4 rows in front of harvester.

Weighing In!

Pulling off the scales and headed for the warehouse.

Our Fearless Leader

Almost full with new potatoes.

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