Seed Has Arrived!

Regardless of the fact that snow still covers the ground Spring has arrived at Green Thumb Farms.  Seed potatoes started arriving bright and early Monday morning! 

Seed potatoes are grown on land that is certified specifically for growing seed.  Each load of seed comes with a certificate that ensures the seed has been tested and certified.  Seed is tested for certain types of disease and insects.  It is important to plant certified seed so that we can prevent the spread of diseases and insects that can destroy an entire crop.  Before we take delivery of our seed we have to disinfect all of our storage areas and equipment.  We also take several samples off of each incoming load to make sure it is of the quality we agreed upon in our purchase contract with the seed grower.  The seed is stored in our warehouse for several weeks in a controlled temperature and humidity climate until we are ready for planting. 


  1. Do you sell Cold River Yellow seed potatoes?

  2. Sorry Richard we do not sell seed potatoes.

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