These Are So Beautiful, You’ll Want to Eat Them!

I can’t help it. I love potatoes.

A high-school friend from Aroostook County, Maine, once told me she didn’t like potatoes. She admitted that it was peculiar that a County girl didn’t like potatoes.

I had to agree. That’s mighty peculiar. Even crazy, if you ask me.

As a kid, I used to rub freshly-dug potatoes on my jeans until I got all the dirt off and ate them raw. That’s true potato love!

Our special Green Thumb Farms potato packs are, however, much better than straight out of the field.

Have You Tried Our Steamables?

4-steamablesWe use our most beautiful petite potatoes to produce a consistently high-quality product for our ready-to-eat product line Side Delights® Steamables. As members of Fresh Solutions Network, we are one of eight family farms across America (that’s family, not factory) that team together to produce potatoes for convenient healthy eating.

Four choice varieties, Petite Sweet, Red, Golden, and Fingerling, are separately washed and packed in a microwavable bag. All you have to do is pop them in the microwave for 8 minutes and voila! Delicious, perfectly cooked potatoes with tender skins for part of a quick, healthy meal.

And I do mean delicious!

Every bag of Steamables is grown, sorted, washed and packed on one of our family farms. And, if you are in New England or New York, there’s an excellent chance that your Steamables came from our farm. That means local food, less handling, less pollution generated from shipping and careful attention to quality.

One great idea begets another, of course. So, I’m excited to tell you that we have a new product that we are launching this month.

Give a Big Hand for Side Delights® Gourmet Petite Potatoes!



Talk about beautiful.

These specialty potatoes are gorgeous little pearls. We’re talking potatoes about the size of a silver dollar in purples, reds, white and gold. They’re like a bouquet you can eat!

They come in three yummy varieties: Pure Gold, Real Red and Fusion Fingerling.

Even the names sound delicious!

They are wonderful sautéed, roasted, steamed, grilled or even in a potato salad.

We at Green Thumb Farms are really excited about this product. And honestly, I’m quite sure that you are going to love these too.

You might be thinking…“why should I spend more for prepared potatoes when I can spend less buying them in bulk and preparing them myself?”

That’s a legitimate question, and here’s my answer: if you have a store that offers tiny potatoes in multiple colors with soft skins and you have the time to scrub them, clean out their imperfections, and then add the 20 minutes or so to prepare them and more time to clean up pans and cutting boards, you might as well buy in bulk and save a little money.

But, if you need to make quick and easy meals for your family that are nutritious, fool-proof, delicious and top-quality, then our products should be on your table.

What’s the Big Deal About Potatoes Anyway?

You might be surprised. There’s more to love about potatoes – especially ours- than simply the taste of them.

First of all, people have been loving potatoes for at least 7000 years so there must be some benefit to them, right?

Absolutely! Get this:

A medium-sized potato has about 110 calories. It has no fat, no cholesterol, no sodium, more potassium than a banana, contains fiber, provides less than 10% of our daily suggested intake of carbohydrates, contains Vitamin C and is a good antioxidant.

Potatoes fall into the fruit and vegetable category, no less.

Really! Who ever thought these little miracle tubers were so healthy? It’s all the butter, salt, sour cream, oil and other tasty additions that have given potatoes a bad reputation.

If you crave delicious potatoes, low in calories and with all the health benefits, you could try our Side Delights® Steamables or our newest market addition, the Side Delights® Gourmet Petite Potatoes, and taste them before you cover them with butter, salt or whatever you like to put on your potatoes.

Because I honestly believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised. These little lovelies have such tender skins and great flavor that you just might want to eat them plain!

Take it from me, the potato-lover. Give these beautiful potatoes a try as part of a quick healthy meal for your family. You should be able to find them locally either in the produce section or near the prepared foods. And tell me, please, what you think. We’d love to know!

Written by: Shannon Goheen

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