A New Season, A New Generation

At this time of the year when the snow melts and the fields begin to dry up our crew’s internal clock goes off because it’s time to get back outside.  Every day brings the hope of being the day.  For the potato, corn and bean crews it is the start of planting season; for the turf crew it is the beginning of harvesting season.

You can just feel the excitement and anticipation.  One of the best parts of a family farm is passing that excitement on to the next generation.  Just the other day my husband took our son on a scouting mission with him, and I’m not sure which one of them was more excited!  Brian was checking his turf fields to see if they were dry enough to start cutting, assessing the winter damage, and forming his game plan, all the while educating Brett on the process as he walked along.  I’m not too sure whether or not the 17 month old absorbed much of the information Brian was sharing, but it’s never too early to start educating!



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