Attitudes & Usage Findings

The United States Potato Board conducted a study of Attitudes & Usage in 2010 and reported these fascinating facts:

  • Potatoes are America’s favorite vegetable with 26% of the vote, ranking higher than broccoli at 17% and corn at 16%
  •  86% serve potatoes at home at least once a week
  • 50% serve potatoes for dinners at home at least three times a week
  • 72% agree potatoes are easy to prepare
  • 86% agree potatoes are a good side dish for beef
  • 81% agree potatoes are a good side dish for poultry
  • 75% agree potatoes are a good value
  • The results show an increase in the overall health perceptions of potatoes

This is all good news for Green Thumb Farms; we struggled through a tough market when the Atkins diet was popular.   We love that the rest of the country is learning what we already knew about the nutritional benefits of  Maine potatoes!

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