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I have to admit there may have been a time or two when I let my potatoes spout, shameful I know. Either they got buried in the closet, I didn’t take the time to store them properly or life just got in the way and I never got around to cooking them. If you’re anything like me it pains you throw out food, especially produce. Well, have no fear there is still a fun use for those potatoes…potato stamps! This is not just for kids either, I have seen some pretty neat projects made by adults with the help of our little tubers!

Supplies Needed:

  • Large potatoes (1 potato for every two designs you’d like to stamp)
  • Small Sharp Knife for trimming and carving
  • Small metal cookie cutters (optional)
  • Ink pads or Paint
  • Paper or fabric
  • A few paper towels for drying the potatoes

This project can be as simple as carving a few shapes into some potatoes for your kids to play with, or you can use mini cookie cutters to step it up a notch (I was looking for a quick project to occupy my 2-year-old and didn’t have cookie cutters on hand so I opted for the quick carving method).

To get started grab a few large potatoes and cut them in half. Then carve some basic shapes (a circle, square, diamond, heart, etc.) into the flesh side of each potato half. Once the shape is carved cut around the outside edge of the shape, about ¼” to ½” down from the cut side, which will leave you with a raised shape.

Cutting Pictures

After cutting out each shape place the potatoes flesh side down on a paper towel to dry slightly, this will allow the ink or paint to adhere better. Now you’re ready to begin stamping, simply dip your potato shape on your ink pad and then press it down firmly on your paper.


If you’d like to take your stamping to the next level you can make cards, wrapping paper, tee shirts, fabric and more! Just make sure you use the appropriate ink or paint for the medium you’re stamping. If you’re just looking to let your kids play I recommend the washable ink pads from Melissa and Doug, they were big enough for even the largest potatoes and made clean up simple!

For more simple kid stamping ideas check out these step-by-step examples from I Heart Arts and Crafts or for more intricate ideas check out this video by Martha Stewart.

We’d love to see your projects when you’re done, leave us some pictures on our Facebook Page!

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